Food & Beverages Service Lab

Food and Beverage service is a Prominent Revenue Earning Department of the hospitality industry, where in our students will have hands-on experience in the academy's food & beverage lab. Training Restaurant Lab is a specially designed to meet the industry standards to train the students of the hospitality industry. Our F & B Service lab is equipped with all the amenities which will assist the students during their practical classes.

This restaurant caters to the needs and requirement to meet the curriculum standards of the students to make them competent to face the challenges of the hospitality industry.

A very well designed and well equipped bar/lab will prepare students in the restaurant/Food & Beverage management, where in the students are trained to meet the standards of the world class Food and Beverage service industry.

Hospitality and tourism is one of the world’s largest, most diverse and most exciting industries. It is vast, offering a broad variety and high number of jobs across the globe. People with a college degree in hospitality management will be in demand and get better jobs in the future than those without degrees. More than 80% of hospitality graduates enter employment within six months of graduation. A career in hospitality management opportunities like Luxury Hotel groups, Airlines, Cruise lines, Boutique hotels, Luxury resorts, Catering companies, Events companies, Amusement parks, Executive positions, Management training, Accommodation manager, Catering managerEvent organizerFast food restaurant managerHotel managerPublic house managerRestaurant managerTour managerCustomer service manager, Human resources officerRetail manager, Corporate training, Internship positions. 

Hospitality management students are open up the door to more opportunities, different branches in the field, and locations around the world. We base our rankings on academic quality, awards, reputation, rankings, facilities, and internship opportunities.