Personality Devlopment

Personality Devlopment

Soft Skills

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care!"

To be successful in today's high-paced environment it takes not only technical or business know-how, but self mastery as well. For a person to be truly effective in any given situation, he needs to bring to it the appropriate personal skills as well as his knowledge and experience. NSIHMT has structured this module with practical experience in mind so that students are equipped with 'soft skills' which they can apply in their career path.

This includes:

Questioning skills

Team work

Time management

Customer service

Effective communication

Emotional intelligence

Problem solving

Stress management

Body Language

Formal etiquette


During studies students are provided Audio Visual Lab and e-learning process to improve their English as well as other Foreign languages.


Completing an undergraduate degree program can be stressful, so we provide professional counselor who attends and provides solution to the personal problems of the students.